• Jan 2009
    Apogee has delivered its first dual laser flow cytometer with 405nm and 488nm lasers. Two simultaneous lasers are now offered to expand the range of applications for Apogee's high sensitivity machines.
  • Dec 2008
    Apogee exhibited its Auto40 model at ICASA in Dakar, 3rd-7th December 2008
  • Mar 2008
    In collaboration with Inodex (France), Apogee exhibited and demonstrated the new 'Auto40' flow cytometer at the '3eme Cours de Retrovirologie Biologique' (3rd March - 2nd April 2008), Dakar, Senegal. This annual course introduces students to the full range of tools and techniques against HIV and attracts world leaders from the scientific community and students from all over west and central Africa.
  • Mar 2007
    New Data Acquisition and Analysis Software (version 1-88) has the ability to overlay data from multiple files.

    This new version has many refinements, but it's main feature is overlaying data from multiple files - a big help when evaluating and presenting your data.
  • Mar 2007
    Apogee presented the A40-MiniFCM to students studying for the "Diplome Universitaire de Retrovirologie Biologique", March 2007, at the CHU Le Dantec Laboratoire de Bacteriologie - Virologie, Dakar.
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