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Dr Hon Leong

Dr Hon Leong

London Regional Cancer Program Ontario, Canada

"We have access to other flow cytometers but our microvesicle work demands the sub-micron sensitivity and resolution only offered by Apogee's A50-Micro. The technical support from Apogee has always been prompt and effective and the volumetric fluidics and alignment free optics make it easy to use, but above all we chose the A50-Micro because its resolution and sensitivity is outstanding compared to other flow cytometers."

Silvia Montoro-García, PhD

Silvia Montoro-García, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
1. Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Birmingham (UK)
2. Department of Cardiology, Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca (Murcia, Spain)

"I started my postdoctoral activity at the Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences (University of Birmingham, UK) in June 2010. My main motivations were to identify the biological value of microvesicles in thrombosis and endothelial dysfunction – especially in the context of atherothrombosis. Microparticle (MPs) analysis is very tricky as their small surface poses a problem for discrimination and labelling. My expertise comprises work with different flow cytometers for MPs. Among all the possibilities, we decided to purchase the Apogee A50-Micro due to its remarkable discrimination of small particles and due to its volumetric sampling system which avoids the need for counting beads. We have developed a new flow cytometric methodology representing a highly specific and reproducible approach when used with the A50-Micro high resolution flow cytometer (CV<6%). The technical support from Apogee has allowed the fast and efficient deployment of this technique here in Birmingham, which now represents a core technique that we apply on clinical studies of MPs and which is the focus of collaborations with several groups interested in the field."

Dr Stefano Amalfitano

Dr Stefano Amalfitano

Istituto di Ricerca Sulle Acque (IRSA) del CNR Rome, Italy

"We spent considerable time deciding among all the cytometers on the market. In the end, our choice was Apogee's A50-Micro. After about two years of use, testing and comparing, I can still say it was the right choice, at least for our research field (aquatic microbiology). It is a powerful and versatile machine for routine analysis and the portability and optical stability are added benefits."

University of Trento

Paola Foladori

University of Trento, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Laura Bruni

Autonomous Province of Trento, Agency for the Treatment of Waste Water

"Our 'A40-Micro' flow cytometer gives the performance we need for measuring small bacteria, assessing their viability and absolute count. It has proven very reliable. After many years of use, we appreciate the high sensitivity not only of the fluorescence signals (for example viability assessment), but also of the light scatter signals."

Researcher, CNRS, France

"The Apogee A50-Micro has been designed for microbiological applications. It is thus optimized for very small particles such as marine bacteria and viruses. You can [install] a UV laser, very valuable for the analysis of bacteria thanks to dyes such as DAPI or Hoechst. The software is easy to manipulate and very intuitive."

Dutch researcher.

"To be honest, I am truly impressed by both the performance and the solidity of the A50-Micro. To my experience, detection of 100 nm polystyrene beads, after shipping and without optical alignment, is far from trivial for a flow cytometer. I believe there is even room for subtle improvements to optimize the lower detection limit for scattering, for example by illuminating with a 405 nm laser."


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